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Decorative/ NON Slip Epoxy Coatings

Custom Logos
Decorative Aggregate
Decorative Flake
Chip To Refusal - Granite Look
Tile Pattern
Decorative Quartz
Prestige Collection

We install only Commercial/ Industrial Strength epoxy/ polyurethane systems to customize your home’s garage floor, or Commercially: kitchens, restrooms, locker rooms, elevator lobbies, stairs, parking garages, entrances, or to add a NON SLIP coating to any concrete slab for a safer environment.  We can custom color, custom logo, and custom pattern to set your project apart from the rest. Our materials have long warranties, are stain resistant, and best of all, BEAUTIFUL applications! These are truly a must see material.

We at Adecco Sealants are constantly striving to help you beautify your home. Our 100% Solid Industrial Strength Epoxy makes a beautiful, and EASY-to-CLEAN, surface that is totally resistant to staining from vehicles. We offer solid colors with different color paint chips, AND we also offer patterns for a more decorative surface. Call TODAY for a free consultation, and see just how truly inexpensive it is to beautify your garage!

Servicing the greater Houston area and Austin.